Our Approach

Gazing at this big, blue marble from a distance, things look pretty simple. But zoom in, and the picture gets more complicated: economics, politics — even plain old human nature — get in the way of sustainable change. But what if the obstacles in your path became gateways? What if you were given a roadmap and your own personal guide through the gridlock?

That’s what Blue Marble Project is all about: navigating you safely through today’s complex environmental and political landscape, so you can turn your big idea into reality.

We’re not just consultants, we’re advocates.

  • We believe your mission matters

    Moving our world toward shared solutions requires partnership, built on a foundation of transparency and trust. We commit ourselves to your cause and pursue it passionately as if it were our own. We tell you exactly what works—and what doesn’t—so our engagement is tailored to your particular business goals.

  • We believe knowledge is power

    With decades of hands-on experience working across the ecopolitical landscape, we’re able to shed light on the complexities facing any given initiative. We’ll introduce you to the stakeholders you need to know, identify key opportunities, and uncover nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  • We believe in collaboration

    Blue Marble Project operates on a foundation of genuine collaboration. Over the years, we’ve developed trusted relationships with activists, advocates, and politicians alike. This means our team is capable of achieving what most others can’t: open doors, effective dialogue, and measurable outcomes.

Photo courtesy NASA