Blue Marble Project helps companies and philanthropic foundations navigate smoothly through a complex environmental landscape. We guide clients through analysis, strategy, and tactical execution to ensure successful outcomes and win campaigns.

We work with…

Companies with an environmental product, project, or policy change that need assistance navigating through regulatory and legislative processes, media and political strategy, and alliance building.

Philanthropists and foundations that want to maximize the impact of their investments in environmental causes. We help educate you on the issues, evaluate the actors, and develop sound strategies for achieving your goals. We can even design and manage grant programs for those that don’t have the time or capacity.

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    Strategy and Planning

    • Goal-setting
    • Research & Analysis
    • Strategic Plans

    Blue Marble Project’s highly tailored strategic plans are shaped by our clients’ own particular needs, constraints, and objectives. We help you set concrete, achievable goals, develop actionable game plans, and make smart decisions. Most importantly, Blue Marble Project places your initiative within a larger context, delivering insight into the many factors influencing your initiative, from legislative history to public opinion to politics and stakeholder interests all of which create a unique and dynamic environment that can make or break a project.

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    Building Alliances

    • Stakeholder Mapping
    • Government Relations
    • Cross-sector Collaboration

    More than twenty five years spent working with elected officials and leaders in the nonprofit, business, and labor sectors in New York and beyond has resulted in longstanding relationships built on diplomacy and skillful communication. This is crucial to finding common ground, particularly when dealing with a challenging regulatory or political environment. As a result, Blue Marble Project often succeeds where others can’t, by building consensus among seemingly polarized stakeholders that results in open doors, mutually beneficial dialogue, and concrete outcomes.

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    Campaign Management

    • Campaign Design & Execution
    • PR & Communications Strategy
    • Lobbying & Advocacy

    The best-laid plans still need proper leadership to get results. We provide clients with focused solutions, be it a widespread media campaign that generates buzz and engages the public, targeted advocacy that wins political support, or managing collaborative relationships and alliances. From start to finish, Blue Marble Project keeps the process moving smoothly and efficiently.

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    Philanthropic Program Administration

    • Field Research & Reporting
    • Analysis
    • Program Development

    Whether environmental issues are at the heart of your programmatic mission, or you’re looking for ways to integrate them into your broader agenda, Blue Marble Project can provide the expertise and analysis from which to make informed decisions. We’ll look at your existing funding structure, identify how your philanthropic efforts fit into the larger environmental landscape, identify opportunities for the greatest impact, and design an appropriate program structure.

Photo courtesy Todd Quackenbush